Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association

We are an organization dedicated to the betterment of the Pawn Industry in the state of Oklahoma; promoting professional standards and service with integrity.  Our members benefit in many ways, such as:

  • A lobbyist representing and protecting your interests at the Oklahoma State legislature
  • Information regarding the political environment, updated regulations and other news sent to your email
  • Access to the “Members Only” pages of this website
  • Dedicated Executive Director and Board of Directors working on your behalf
Becoming a member is a low cost way of insuring the livelihood of your family and business. We encourage all pawnbrokers to get involved by becoming a member.  Do so right now – start by clicking  here.

Mission statement

To inform and protect the interest of pawnbrokers while promoting, educating, and ensuring the future prosperity of the pawn industry.

Board Members 2015-2016

President – Mike Blair

Vice President – Phillip Church

Treasurer – to be filled

Secretary – Judy Anderson

Board Elected Members:

  • Wanda Endicot
  • Wade Wookey
  • Melissa Stuteville
  • Dale Davis

Importance of Membership

A membership program is important to the Association.  So why should you become a member of the Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association, forking over your hard earned cash? We ask ourselves this every time we put out a email, website update about membership or ask someone you know to become a member.  Asking someone to become a member of the Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association is about much more than the 350 dollars membership costs. Membership is about Identity, Feedback, Support, and Strength.

Cultural Identity

The Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association is a non-profit dedicated to supporting the Oklahoma Pawnbrokers that make up its membership.  Supporting our community is a part of our identity. We are active in community churches, schools and civic associations. Our association and its members are currently holding food bank drives in support of the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank to help feed the 675,000 people that are in need of food daily in Oklahoma. A strong membership base keeps us close to the community we support. The Association does not exist without you, the member, and we want that to be reflected throughout our organization. Being supported by our community is a part of our identity.

Feedback Loop

Members provide a vital connection to our governance process. We listen intently to what you say and we use this information to gauge our effectiveness and to constantly review our strategy. If we are effective you (our members) will continue to support us, if we slip you’ll find a better organization to support. We will always work to maintain your trust and support. A strong connection to our members maintains an effective feedback loop.

Supporting each other

The Association provides opportunities to connect it’s members with resources and tools to keep them informed on the latest developments in legislation and pending changes on the municipal, state and federal levels. The Association exists to support each and every member and be the ear to listen and the voice when needed. If you are successful we are successful.

Strength in Numbers

We are here to support your efforts and extend your reach. A strong membership base helps us to amplify our message by demonstrating that the Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association is robust, healthy, and growing. We want all pawnbrokers in Oklahoma to know and learn about the great benefits and significance the OPA  has built. As the saying goes “there is strength in numbers” and we use those numbers to demonstrate the power of the OPA.

Transparency in our commitment to you

We have a commitment to being an organization as transparent as glass on a window.  We hold quarterly board meetings and welcome all of our members, release our financials annually, and continually build new methods to become a truly transparent organization.

The importance of membership

Your membership provides a valuable revenue source for the Association, but we see your membership as much more than a financial transaction. As a member you have become a closer part of an association that operates with integrity, support, and the overall welfare of each and everyone of its members.

Become a Member Now

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