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Oklahoma Pawnbrokers Association

We are an organization dedicated to the betterment of the Pawn Industry in the state of Oklahoma; promoting professional standards and service with integrity.  Our members benefit in many ways, such as:

  • A lobbyist representing and protecting your interests at the Oklahoma State legislature
  • Information regarding the political environment, updated regulations and other news sent to your email
  • Access to the “Members Only” pages of this website
  • Dedicated Executive Director and Board of Directors working on your behalf
Becoming a member is a low cost way of insuring the livelihood of your family and business. We encourage all pawnbrokers to get involved by becoming a member.  Do so right now - start by clicking  here.

Mission statement

The Oklahoma Pawnbroker Association Inc. (OKPBA), was established to promote and strengthen the goals and standards of the organization for the individuals involved in the Oklahoma Pawn Industry.  The Mission of the OKPBA is a complete and vibrant membership that enjoys a positive image and is the focal organization of all its members.

Board Members 2015-2016

President – Mike Blair

Vice President – Philip Church

Treasurer – Brett Fisher

Secretary – Judy Anderson

At large member – Wanda Endicott

At large member – Wade Wookey


Associate Members

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Member Login
Attention All O.P.A Members
We have had the same dues structure for over 10 years now. The O.P.A Board has voted and passed unanimously, per the OPA’s Bylaws to raise the dues to $350.00 per year, making it an even playing field for all Pawnbrokers across the State. It is imperative for all Pawnbrokers to be a member and keep up the support. It is a small amount to pay to keep the OPA fighting for you, your business and your employees livelihood, in comparison to other states around the USA. In other states annual dues vary from 350.00 to 1500.00 per year. In order for the Association to stay proactive and supportive on your behalf ,we need YOU! There are already Pawnbrokers who have decided to send the OPA extra money above their annual dues to help fight the fights, and we are very appreciative for that.So at the renewal date for your dues ,the amount will be 350.00 Annually. You will still have the option of paying Annually, Semi-Annually or Quarterly. As always we welcome any extra donations to the O.P.A. WE will accept cash, check, scrap gold ring or anything that you can donatetowards our annual meeting set for Sept. 12th & 13th. This would help greatly fight some of the major issues that we are facing at this present time. We welcome anyone to come to any of our Quarterly Board meetings and become an active participant in protecting the OPA and our Industry. As always God bless PAWNBROKERS!

Phillip Church
President O.P.A
Superpawn inc
927 SE 59TH
OKC, OK, 73129
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